Drawing Daily Presents: Space

Steven Kraan vroeg me een tijd geleden om een voorwoord te schrijven voor zijn fantastische 24 Hour Comic Day boekje: “Drawing Daily Presents: Space”.

I need an Ipad.

Let me elaborate.

In a land before time, in a galaxy far away, (Ghent actually, but don’t spoil it) where sleep is scarce and pyama bottoms serve no purpose, twenty-odd (or twenty odd) people gathered to partake in the “24 Hour Comic Day”.

One of them was Steven Kraan. I knew his work from his “Drawing Daily” Facebookpage. Practically every day he posts one gag page. No resting on the 7th day. Eat that, God.

This time though, Kraan delivered a longer story, the 24 pages you are holding in your hands right now. Everything from his gag pages is present: dry wit, absurdity and two of his most entertaining characters which I like to cal: the spaceshmucks.

And then the art. “He draws like a child”, some of the more uninformed specimens of the human race will note. I say this is true. Kraan draws with a taste for wonder, for emotion in absurdity. He draws what todlers think and feel, and always with concern and compassion for his characters.

The comics of Steven Kraan are the only comics I read online.

I’m unable to wait for Steven to print a new comic. His work is my daily fix.

I need an Ipad.

I save the best reading for when I’m on the shitter.

Steven post elke dag iets op zijn Drawing Daily Facebookpagina.

U kan zijn werk hier bestellen. Doen, ik voorspel deze man een voorspoedige toekomst…

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